Beware of habitual defaulters.

Verify the legal and credit history, before entering into any transaction.

86% people feel that making default is a habit, if past is doubtful, the future may not be good.

Take informed decisions.

  • Continuously involving rating mechanism.

  • Warns you against the default of opposite party.

  • Know them better with LegalQ.

  • Higher the score, more the credibility.

  • Get the report, if you are not sure about the opposite contracting party.

Know the credibility of opposite party.

  • History-sheet of the business.

  • Briefs you regarding financial health of the contracting party.

  • Legal status of entity.

  • Information on past and present litigation.

  • Guidance if you should go ahead for the contract and agreement.

Generate a LegalQ Report.

Get to know the past behaviour of opposite party. Avoid the disputes by procuring more information about the Company.


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Complaint against the defaulters

If you have experienced any default in the business transactions. Don't keep quiet, raise your voice. We will help you to settle it or black list the defaulter so that other become aware of the same.